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The Sony MEX-DV1000 and MEX-DV2000 are here !

Well it looks like these babies really exist ! For the first time in history, you can buy a car stereo that will play SACD!! We are thoroughly jazzed here at SACD Central.

The MEX-DV1000 and MEX-DV2000 are single disc players with the slot hidden behind the faceplate.

If you haven’t heard about this it is time to come out from under your trusty rock and have a listen. Sony has introduced the first two of an expected three SACD capable car stereo head units.

The introductory level unit is the Sony Xplod MEX-DV1000 that we mentioned last year.
It is now available at Amazon in the UK.

Sony Xplod MEX-DV1000

Key Features MEX-DV1000 Headunit

* Front Aux-In
* S-MOSFET Power Output: 52W x 4
* DVD/VCD/SA-CD/CD/MP3/WMA playback
* Dolby Digital/DTS 2.0 Digital Out
* DSO (Dynamic Stage Organizer)
* EQ7 (7 Band Graphic Equalizer)
* CD Changer Control
* 24-Bit DAC
* Detachable Front Panel
* 18FM/12AM radio presets
* Output power 52w x 4
* Pre-outs 3 and 5.1 multi channel out
* 4 volt pre-out Yes
* Auxilary Input Yes Front
* Equalizer EQ7 – 7 band
* Bass/treble control Yes
* Crossover Filter High, Mid and Low Pass Filters
* MP3 Playback yes
* MD/CD changer control Yes and ipod controller(XA110IP) ready
* Tuner presets 18FM/12AM
* Tuner RDS (Radio Data System) No
* Wireless remote Yes included
* Rotary commander Yes optional
* Detachable face Yes

Now comes the Sony Xplod MEX-DV2000
List Price : $279.00

Sony Xplod MEX-DV2000

The DV2000 can play 5.1channel SACD, DTS5.1 discs, DVDs and also has Pro-Logic II. The 4 speaker outputs will give you only Front and Rear signals, so you’ll need to hook-up at least another 4channel amplifier. You can bridge a couple of its channels to power the sub while using only one of the remaining channels to power the center speaker. Most car 4ch amps have independent gain controls for each pair of channels, so you can adjust the sub and center channel levels independently.

Key Features MEX-DV2000 Headunit

* Detachable Front Panel w/ Full Motion FL Display & Front Panel Aux In
* SAT Radio Ready, iPod® Control Ready
* CSO, EQ7
* 52W x 4 High Power
* 4-Volt L/C/R/RL/RR/Sub preouts w/ HPF/LPF
* Supplied Wireless Card Remote (RM-X161)
* Picture EQ
* Double Layer DVD+R/ RW/ SACD/ VCD/ CD/ CD-R/ CD-RW compatible
* MP3/WMA Playback
* MP3 ID3Tag Indication (Title/Album/Artist)
* Multi-Session (MP3/WMA)
* Burr-Brown 24-bit D/A Converter
* Pause Function
* UniLinkâ„¢ Control, CD Text
* Drive-S II
* SSIR-EXA Tuner, 18FM & 12AM presets
* BTM (Best Tuning Memory)
* 2 AV Outputs & 1 Mic Input, Karaoke Capability
* Tel/Nav Attenuation
* Optional Wired Rotary Remote (RM-X4S)
* 45 degree install
* CEA-2006 Power Compliant

In the summer, these two SACD Car Stereo products will be joined by the XAV-W1, a 2-DIN size model that will include a WVGA TFT Touch Screen Monitor.

HD World says that “SACDs In-Car application has been a long time coming – mainly due to the lack of suitable silicon for this demanding application. These new models are the product of a major development program within Sony and feature a new and radically different design of AV chassis called ‘DRIVE-S II’. Also, the models feature state-of-the-art silicon chipsets developed specifically to meet the challenge of HD In-Car audio.”

So far I have only seen the MEX-DV2000 available from Japan, but this means that these really and truly exist! They should be in local stores in the next few weeks.

One Response to “The Sony MEX-DV1000 and MEX-DV2000 are here !”

  1. Cornan Says:

    I’ve had this player for a year now and just love it. I bought a Clarion SRK5 center channel speaker (which comes with its own amp; there’s no center channel speaker power on the MEX-DV2000) and loaded the system down with Sony’s HD Radio module and Sony’s slim subwoofer amp (fits under the passenger seat and a 12″ Infinity subwoofer in the back of the SUV.

    On the hottest days of summer in Florida the dashboard sometimes gets hot enough to make my unit a bit goofy but a little cool air from the AC unit brings it back every time.